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Living Soil Garden Rejuvination

Living Soil Solutions was founded in Calgary focusing on handcrafted natural products and traditional methods using modern techniques to feed your soil and let the soil feed your plants. As opposed to those other guys who only feed your plants, much of that leaches into our water system. Does anyone fertilize a forest no, the forest takes care of itself, so we can help mimic that in your back forty.

If you are looking for the perfect lawn like a golf course, then we are most likely not the right fit for you. Living Soil Solutions is more focused on the long term solution then the quick fix.

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Contributing to the next generation

I enjoy working with people who appreciate and want to be educated on natural options to enhance their soil and life.  This is where Living Soil Solutions like’s to pass on those skills and share that knowledge with our clients.  A sense of ease can be found when one understands the results that can be brought together on common ground.


Our Vision

To build a community of growers that are working with nature not against her, in a safe and non toxic manner.



Blending the chemical, physical and biological properties of soil to enhance the growth of your product.

News & Events

  • Root Rescue now available in Western Canada

    Root Rescue – A 100% Natural Plant Aid – www.rootrescue.com   Features: 18 different species of mycorrhizae plus 2 organic bio stimulants A wettable powder that mixes easily in water Proven effective – 2015 University of Guelph published report – http://www.rootrescue.com/site/university-of-guelph-data   Benefits: Aids in the establishment of new roots Permanently improves nutrient and water…

Clients & Affiliates

Prairie Turfgrass Research Centre
Organic Alberta
Canadian Compost Council
Foothills Forage Association
Green Calgary
Calgary Horticultural Society
Leaf Ninjas
Earthly Matters

Press & Media

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Mind Well Nourished Podcast with local Calgarians Chris and Alisha

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Profile at Verge Permaculture blog that highlights new ways to better sustain human living in Calgary.

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Global TV segment demonstrating soil-care and composting

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Article in the Calgary Herald outlining proper soil-care.

  • “A commitment to organic methods and to building healthy sustainable soils led us to contact Mike for a variety of changes we had noted on our acreage property: a decrease in vegetable harvest, an increasing weed problem, and a lack of vigour in garden plants.  Shortly after our vegetable garden was sprayed we noted a huge increase in the productivity and size of the vegetables we harvested.

    We are looking forward to having Mike come and work with us again this year.”

    – Master Gardener, Paintbrush Garden Design, Calgary Alberta

    Elaine Rude
  • “The Leaf Ninjas were looking for a chemical free alternative to bring life and nutrients back into our soil to promote healthy food growth and have a higher chance of success for our urban farm. We could not use chemical fertilizers because of the negative effects on our bodies, soil and water run off. Living Soil Solutions helped bring missing nutrients back into our soil, feeding our growing food, build vitality to a successful farm and peace of mind for the growers involved. Mike’s dedication is directly reflected in the quality of growth we witnessed in our farm. His knowledge of soil health and biology made it easy to work with and helped us understand this foundational information to have better success in our plots. He’ll make you laugh, inspire you and make you feel proud of your healthy land. Living Soil Solutions is for you if: you value a safe healthy environment for your kids, pets and food you eat. You want to see visual results on better and more successful plant growth. You want your neighbours to ask :”what is your secret?!”  You want to know you’re giving the best you can to your yard. We trust you and are excited to continue working together and use your product for many years to come.”

    – The Leaf Ninjas local food production and permaculture design, Calgary, Alberta


    David Carlton
  • “It was really important for me to find a real green solution to help our school’s fields to grow well. In search of a more natural alternative to using synthetic and chemical fertilizers, we came across Living Solutions. I love this product and service. It’s been lab tested and Mike was happy to tell me exactly what is in it. He was able to educate us about how his product is “living” and how it is different from the conventional stuff because it can actually heal the soil. Mike was able to provide a perfect solution to our problems by using a 100% completely natural and toxin free fertilizer. This is great for our soil, gardens, athletic fields and trees. We wanted to keep the environment around our school healthy for our students, our neighbors and ourselves.

    Thanks Mike, appreciate your work, looking forward to seeing you out in our gardens and fields again this spring. You take good care of us!”

    – Human Resources Management, Occupational Health and Safety at Master’s Academy, Calgary, Alberta

    Tracy Francis