Why do I need Microbiology in my soil?

The soil in its natural state is chocked full of life, from the wee guys like bacteria/fungi and the protozoa to your larger anthropods and worms. They work in balance with whatever decides to grow in that soil and to help feed and protect it. There is always this give and take relationship. But when we bugger with the soil this balance is broken and nature keeps doing the only thing it has ever known, trying to right the balance. The great thing is we can help speed fast finding that balance by bringing back the life component to the soil to even it out again. With our Extract we can do just that.

Who can this benefit?

Everyone who grows anything!  Here are some examples:  home owners- give lawns a boost while using something safe for pets and children, gardeners of all kinds, tree owners, farmers, and ranchers- fertilizer for land for feed, pastures and even spraying barns and horse stalls to reduce odour.  Also athletic fields- better turf, means less irrigation costs and a softer pitch so less injuries.  School yards, it’s all about the kids and eliminating the use of chemicals.  Golf courses, who doesn’t like beautiful greens without algae blooms in the water hazards.  Zoo’s, need those pens neutralized from that terrible ammonia smell.  On your existing compost piles to inoculate them with more biology.  There are a wide variety of people and lands that can benefit from partnering with microbiology

What are you talking about? I'm not a horticulturalist!

Our Compost Tea/Worm Tea uses vermi-cast as one of the main substrates, aka worm poop.  Sounds classy. Well what the heck is that? Well let’s keep it simple here, basically we take Soil Food Web tested worm manure/castings/poop and place it in a large tea bags which we then bubble in a large container for up to 4 hours. No, we don’t drink it (although we had to try it) and no it is not heated up like your Earl Grey. This bubbling separates the biology from the castings and suspends them in a liquid form which is much easier to apply to your wanting garden, lawn or vegetation.  For further clarification check out our video in the products section.

What can I use earthworm castings on?

They can be used on any outdoor and indoor plants. Castings can be worked into the soil anytime you plant. Don’t worry you can never use too many castings. They won’t ever burn your lawn or plants like chemical fertilizers may. After initially mixing castings into your soil try applying casting tea once a week for optimal growth and vibrancy. You will see the difference.

Perma what?

From Verge Permaculture to you:

To put it simply: Permaculture is a framework that allows you to take all of the most cutting edge environment and social solutions and weave them together into something that is guaranteed to work long term.

To put it more technically: Permaculture is a design system for shelter, energy, waste, water and food production and provides concepts, tools, techniques and strategies that empower individuals to create human environments that are not only sustainable, but regenerative.  It is a design system based in science & guided by ethics.

What is vermiculture?

Vermiculture is the raising of earthworms for the production of earthworm castings.

What are earthworm castings?

Earthworm castings are the manure (excretion) of earthworms. They are completely odorless and packed full of nutrients for plants and microorganisms.

What are the benefits of using earthworm castings?

– Enhance plant growth and vibrancy

– Act as a natural fertilizer or plant food

– Slow release essential nutrients into the soil

– Strengthen plant roots

– Aid in moisture retention and aeration

– Odorless and Non Toxic

– Safe to use on all indoor and outdoor plants

– Are High in Microbiology like Bacteria and Fungi