What we can do for you and your yard

Living Soil Solutions offers services for your yard that will improve your grass, perk up your trees and increase your vegetable yield. We can help bring life back into your yard!

It all starts in the soil and your soil is a complex community of microbes, that when treated well, will maintain a balance of nutrients that will help your plants thrive.

Living Soil Solutions creates a liquid using worm castings water (Compost or Worm Tea) and sprays it on your lawn and plants. This process helps to bring balance back into the microbial life in your soil.

The product is safe for animals and children.  Some other ingredients we also use: Humic and Fulvic Acids, Fish Hydrosolate, Liquid Kelp, Azomite, Alfalfa, Calcium Carbonate, Mycorhizal Fungi (Endo and Echo), Molasses, Oats, Comefry and Nettle.


Complete Lawn/Garden Top Dress With Earthly Matters Organic Worm Castings

A complete top dress of Earthly Matters Worms Castings, giving your yard a boost in Organic Matter filled with beneficial soil organisms and nutrients.
(Can be payed in installments)

starting at $999

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Compost Tea Applications Single or Seasonal (3x)

Just need a top up, then a single application can get that jump start your plants need.  If your soil is in bad shape then starting in the spring with a heavy soil soak to establish your colony of microbes using our nutrient dense Compost Tea.  A spray again in mid summer with another heavy soak in the fall.  Get those microbes working for you and enjoy a healthier lawn, perennial or annual garden.

How are we different then the other guys?  Where most other companies only focus on your lawn, we spray everything.

Grass, trees, garden beds and even your pots!

Avg yard (1500 square feet) at $100 single $289 Seasonal

above avg size, $0.10/square foot.

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Tree Services/Foliar Sprays and Root Injections

Do you have a sick tree, or do your trees seem to be stunted and not growing much?  We can get to the root of the problem by getting our Compost Tea down in the soil close to the roots ensuring your tree is getting the nutrients it needs and a surge of beneficial microbes to lend a hand.  Spraying the trees also helps in suppressing disease and pests by outnumbering the bad biology with the be bad biology with beneficial ones.

Lawn Restoration for Tired Old lawns

Our process focuses on fixing the soil under the old lawn. We can restore the soil health to about 70 or 80 % of where it would be with new healthy soil. Bringing the soil back to full health over the next few seasons using a few simple DIY lawn care tips and does not require a lot work or expense.

For more information please check out www.purewest.ca