We use aerobic compost and vermicompost to improve your garden, perk up your trees, enhance your grass, and increase your yields.

Our products are safe for plants, animals, children and everything in between.

We service front yards, back yards, schools, commercial properties, athletic fields, green spaces, agricultural operations, and reclamation sites.

Compost Extract Application

A liquid compost extract that is full of beneficial microorganisms. We spray everything: trees, grass, garden beds and even your pots! The seasonal package, with sprays in spring, summer and fall, will maximize your soil and plant health.

Average Yard ( up to ~1500 sq ft): $110
Seasonal (Spring, Summer, Fall): $300
Larger: $0.10/sq ft

Please contact us to sign up, or for large property estimates

Top Dressing with Worm Castings

A garden or lawn top dress of vermicompost (worm castings), giving your yard a boost in organic matter filled with beneficial soil organisms and nutrients.

Starting at $999

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Root Zone Injections and Foliar Sprays For Trees

Do you have unhealthy or stunted trees? We can get to the root of the problem by getting our Compost Extract down in the soil close to the roots ensuring your trees are getting the nutrients they need, and a surge of beneficial microbes to continue the job. Custom foliar sprays, which coat the trees leaves, help in suppressing disease and pests from the outside with beneficial biology.

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