Living Soil Solutions offers programs, workshops, and presentations related to soil health.


We have worked with numerous classrooms, student groups, community gardens, agricultural groups, municipalities, and other organizations across Canada.


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Adult Programs

Custom programs to cover some or all of the following topics:

  • Composting
  • The Soil Food Web
  • Vermicomposting
  • Microbe Identification with a Microscope
  • Soil Health
  • SPIN Farming

Please inquire about half day, full day, or weekend programming.

Pricing starts at $100 for an hour program.

Mike @ Small Farm Summit 2018

Kids Programs

Information and hands on fun for kids of all ages.


Curriculum Connections:

Grade 4 :  Plant growth and changes, Waste and our world

Grade 6 :  Trees and Forests

Grade 7 :  Plants for food and fiber, Interactions and Ecosystems


Single program:  $100
Multiple bookings:  $75 / session

“Entertaining, educating, and focused.  The students came away with an understanding of vermi-compost and how composting can help our environment.  Information was given in a hands-on manner with students touching the different types of soil, hoiding the live worms, and viewing the compost bin at work.  It was a workshop where students were actively involved.  Mike was funny, engaging, and full of knowledge that supported our grade 4 curriculum.  Thanks for the presentation.”

Tara Gregg FFCA Southwest Elementary Campus

Keynotes and Conferences

Some of the conferences I have spoken at:

  • National Organics Recycling Conference


  • Organic Alberta and Holistic Management Conference


  • Thunder Bay Spring Farm Summit (Keynote)


  • Wheatland and Region Innovation Forum


  • Regenerative Soil Systems
  • Ontario Soil and Crop Improvement Association (Keynote)


  • Calgary Horticulture Society Garden Show


  • Peace Country Beef & Forage Association


  • Cultivating Connections

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